Saturday, 22 March 2014

Legacy Russell shoot - Behind the scenes

We had a great fashion and portrait shoot this week, shooting Legacy Russell for American magazine FELIX. Legacy is a writer, artist, curator, and creative producer.

FELIX is a luxury lifestyle magazine serving Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.  The pages of this glossy publication cover the latest trends in fashion, fine dining, nightlife, arts and culture. Featuring ultra luxe fashion profiles, restaurants and the season’s must-have accessories from the world’s top writers and stylists. FELIX reaches some of the most elite and influential, engaged and discriminating readers in America.

Here's some behind the scenes photos for now and I'll publish some of the actual portrait and fashion shots for the magazine soon.

A special thanks to a brilliant creative team - Make-up Elizabeth Hsieh, Hair Eugene Davis, Stylist Irene Darko

Thanks also to two great Assistants - Kevin Baker and Paul Craig who worked damned hard setting up my kit and Paul for the great behind the scene shots below. Thanks to Chris too for holding the main reflector.