Thursday, 31 July 2014

Digital Photographer - Portrait Perfection, an interview.

Digital Photographer magazine interviewed me in this months edition of the magazine, issue 151 (August) titled Portrait Perfection. Available from today 01.08.2014

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DARK with light - a personal project

DARK with light - is a personal project loosely based on English Pastoral Paintings. I grew up watching my father painting landscapes in oil, since then, I've always loved landscape paintings by Turner, Constable, Girtin and Gainsborough. I've always been fascinated with Chiaroscuro and how the light passing through a window interacts with the rest of a room or how the light or sun interacts with trees, buildings or anything else in its path.

The Dark Side - While the eye is drawn to the bright areas in a photograph, I love the interplay between the dark and light or highlight and shadow. Mix this with some trees, nature and chaotic vegetation, and it evokes haunting, dreamy and mysterious imagery with a nod back to the great English pastoral painters.

To see more of the images on flickr click here