Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sweetheart - a short film

Sweetheart is the new short film that I shot, edited and colour graded along with my good friend Michael Heffernan who did a great job of the writing and directing. Sweetheart tells the story of a woman who has chosen a path in life that frequently leads to mental torment and physical damage. In her most difficult moments she depends on a man who obsessively pushes her to follow his demands.

This film is a collaboration with a team of very talented people.
Jacquline Freeman (represented by MOT models) in the lead role playing Sweetheart in her debut acting role. Cherrelle Brown's role is pivotal in the final scenes and Laura Marsh did a wonderful job with grooming and make-up / special effects.

A special thanks to "I am Harlequin" for the fantastic sound track. , a special thanks also to Don and Tom for all their hard work assisting.


  1. Nice work Ian!
    What do you use to grade with?
    I'm thinking about a Black Magic cinema camera at present with Davinci resolve really piquing the old interest.

  2. Thank you David, really glad you like it. Thanks for saying.
    I used Davinci Resolve to grade this ( and the others on Vimeo ).
    Nice!! I wouldn't mind the Black Magic Cinema camera myself, nice camera.